Quick Coffee

Welcome to Quick Coffee, the 25 minute podcast by Patrick Haede and Felix Haas. Every week on Thursday Pat and Felix speak about one insightful topic from the startup world, their personal company-building experiences or they invite one unique guest to the show!
At the age of 28, Patrick has been in the startup world for 10 years, co-founded Mapify which got acquired by HomeToGo and afterwards built the Product organisation at Gorillas. Today, he advises early stage companies and is building a new software-as-a-service company.
Felix led design at Mapify, created the early product designs for Gorillas, Arive, Yababa and is the Designer in Residence at Creandum, one of Europe’s most impactful venture capital funds. He is also currently building Blossom, a Berlin and London-based product design studio.
Together, Pat and Felix invest in product and design focused early stage companies and invite the founders as special guests to the show.
We are excited to welcome you to Quick Coffee and look forward to hearing from you at https://quickcoffee.vc or on Twitter at @QuickCoffeeVC.
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